Smelter Casting House Rolling Mill Anode Plant Catalog الكتالوج الفنى

Letter from the chairman

        Dear Friends    

    Welcome to the Aluminium Company of Egypt (Egyptalum). Our smelter is nearby Luxor where Ramsis II and King Tut lived. Following their style, we believe in quality and progress. 

Quality of our products is assured through raw material, technology, management and above all, highly trained personnel. All this was confirmed by the ISO 9001 Certificate honored to Egyptalum in 1996 , OHSAS 18001:1999 and C.E MARK 2014 . 

Progress of Aluminium Company of Egypt is evident since 1972,started our existing smelter with only 6 potrooms of 46 cells each .reached 12 potrooms of prebacked technology,current capacity 320,000 tpy including primary products with capacity 230,000 tpy of (Billets , Wire rod , Foundry alloy , Slabs , T.Bar and Ingots), Hot and Cold rolling mills with capacity 75,000 tpy and extrusion plant with capacity 15,000 tpy. Further more the anode plant production facilities cover Egyptalum requirements and international market.

In the following pages you will find more about Egyptalum activities and details. 

With my best wishes. 

Eng.Abd Elzaher Abd Elsattar Hassan  
Chairman & C.E.O.