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    Minister of Business Sector Visits the Aluminum Complex in Nag Hammadi

Dr. Ashraf El Sharkawy, Minister of Public Business Sector

On Thursday, May 18, 2017,    

the Minister of Business visited the company's website in Naga Hammadi.

The permanent exhibition of the company is inspected as well as production lines, rolling mill and foundries.

He also held a meeting at the end of the visit with the company leaders.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors also presented a report on the results of the company's activities during the last period and plans The company's future to increase the company's production to reach 550 thousand tons instead of 320 thousand tons.

The Minister has asked the Board of Directors of the company for studies carried out by specialized international companies about the cost Financing and economic feasibility before the launch of a global tender for the establishment of an industrial complex for the production of aluminum with a capacity of 250 thousand tons per year . Other than 320,000 tons per year of current production volume.

He added that the government is keen to increase production and reduce product costs and electricity consumption rates when setting up expansions.